Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below some of our most frequent enquiries relating to our services for Direct Payment Users.

How do we apply for your services?

You can download a starter pack from this website or you can contact us by phone or email to request these be emailed or posted to you.

How long does it take to set up?

As soon as we receive the fully completed starter pack we can register you with HMRC and begin processing your payroll on the same day.

My Employee only works for a few hours each week, do they need to be added to the payroll?

Yes, it is a legal requirement that employee’s receive detailed payslips as proof of their earnings.

How often can my employee be paid?

We can process payroll at the following frequencies: Weekly, Fortnightly, Four-Weekly or Monthly however Direct Payment users will need to be aware that there funding may only cover the costs of four-weekly or monthly payroll.

How do I inform you of the hours my employees have worked?

You can notify us of hours worked by phone, email or post. As long as we have each employee’s details we would only need the name and the number of hours worked during the period. If any holiday has been taken or an employee has been absent through sickness etc please let us know so this can be shown on the payslips.

Once I have informed you of the hours worked, how long will it take to receive the payslips?

Providing we have received all information necessary to produce the payslips, we aim to process your payroll within two working days of hours being received and send out the payslips out via first class post

I have received my employee’s payslips, what do I do with them?

You must pass on the payslips to your employee’s and pay them the net amount due, this amount is shown on the bottom right hand side of the payslip. Further information on this is also provided with your first payroll.

If you are using our managed account service then you will only need to pass the payslip onto your employee, SmartPAYE will make payment on your behalf on the date shown on the payslip. (If the paydate shown falls on a weekend or public holiday then payment will be made on the Friday)

I am currently using your payroll service but would also like to use your managed account service, how do I go about doing this?

Whether your funding will cover this will be at the discretion of your Local Authority based on your current needs and requirements. If you would like to check this please contact your local council or we may be able to contact them on your behalf.