Important – Covid-19



In light of the Coronavirus we have had to take the governments advice and temporarily close the office. Please be assured that despite this uncertain time we are all working hard to ensure there is no break in our service. Having said that, please take note of the following:

We will only accept calls from employers and any employee queries should be made to the employer.

Please allow extra time for us to answer you queries. We will get to it but in the interim our efforts will be prioritised to making sure your employee’s payslips and payments are processed.

Kindly do not contact us for the following.

  • National insurance contribution change letters- this will not apply to you and you do not need to let us know.
  • Employee concerns should be made to the relevant council or insurance company
  • Queries regarding coronavirus need to be directed to NHS, Public Health or Government websites. We only need to know if you or your employees self isolate.

If you have received a HMRC underpayment letter, please check the following before you contact us.

  • Have you made all the payments from the tax bills we have sent you?
  • Have those payments cleared on your account? Check the amount is the same.
  • Any missed payments should be made immediately.

If SmartPAYE manages your money, please send us the document by email or post. You do not need to call and let us know.

Please contact us for the following;

  • Reporting hours
  • Reporting sickness, including self-isolation
  • Statutory parental leave
  • Reporting holiday
  • Employees starting or leaving

We will pay invoices received by end of day Wednesday the following Friday. If received on Thursday or Friday it will be the next Friday. We are unable to make exceptions. Given the circumstances please allow an additional 7 days for payments to be made.

Please do not call before this. It may only delay the process.